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What is a doula?

Doulas are professional caregivers for any or all stages of pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. They are trained in physical and emotional support, and can play a huge role – virtually or in-person – in helping women have healthy pregnancies and positive birth experiences.

How can a doula improve your pregnancy experience?

Numerous medical studies show that doulas have a positive impact on pregnancy outcomes. Having a doula lowers the chances of both preterm birth and C-section, shortens labor times, and reduces the need for pain medication.

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Doulas are partners for emotional support and guidance on comfort, lifestyle, and birth planning.



During labor, doulas provide continuous physical and emotional support, and advocate on your behalf. They help parents engage with the medical system, discuss options.



Doulas assist new mothers with postpartum healing, breastfeeding, and bonding with a new baby, giving you space to rest and recover.

Check-in with yourself

Know the signs of complications and get help where you need it.

Pregnancy is full of surprises. Many pregnant women struggle to judge what’s normal during pregnancy and what’s not. Mae’s on-demand symptom trackers help you routinely check-in with yourself. We’ll let you know when to call your healthcare provider and what information they will need to take action.

Symptoms to know

My ideal birth setting is at my home. During my birth, I’d like to have music, dim lights, and wear my own clothes.

Make a Plan

This is your journey, uniquely. Knowing your preferences is the first step to accessing the resources you need to have a safe, healthy, and joyful pregnancy.

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