Mae is elevating the standard of care for Black women.

Join our network of leading maternal health practitioners bringing high-quality, culturally competent care to ALL women.

Join Our Doula Network
Mae Doula Network

Expand your reach

We’ll use our algorithm-based matching tool to generate new leads, anywhere in the country, with patients seeking the support you provide

Mae Doula Network

Manage your back office

Do what you do best, and let us take care of the distracting stuff

Mae Doula Network

Strengthen your brand

Lead expert workshops with Mae users, to showcase your unique talents and access new clients

Mae Doula Network

Go Virtual

Leverage our virtual platform to see patients anytime, anywhere

Why Join Mae

We spoke to lots of independent maternal health experts as we were building Mae, and we listened. We heard you tell us about the struggle of generating leads and the impact Covid-19 has had on your work. We heard you express frustration over the back-office tasks that distract you from what you most want to do: care for mothers. We heard your passion for wanting to reach and support as many mothers and babies as possible.

We exist to partner with you: the critical birth workers who are fighting for health equity every day, one woman at a time.

Mae Doula Network